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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 02nd November 2017: Post: 2

Retro Gamer

Each lunchtime during my working days in Bournemouth I would trek
down town and savour the joys of the magazine and record stores.
At one time I had the likes of Athena, Virgin, Electronics Boutique,
Game Station, John Menzies, Smiths, Game, Boots, Borders and even
Waterstones to choose from. There was also a wealth of magazines
and games etc to choose from.

In the end there was just Smiths and Retro Gamer. It was so sad
to see not just the magazine stores close but also the end of
publication of CU, Amiga Format, Amiga Computing and a whole
plethora of other magazines. Gone also were the various platforms
including in the latter years the Dreamcast.

The era of shopping the high street for gaming produce ended and
with it I lost such a wonderful aspect of my daily routine.

This last magazine, Retro Gamer, fortunately was a great read. Given
the lack of other publications I would buy two copies. One mint
and one for reading and photographing. Many of those original
magazines are still in their protective packaging never opened.

I had to move a whole batch of the magazines today to get at the
Jupiter Ace and so have included some images for you. The magazine
was a great help in sourcing both games and machines. I was often
in contact with the magazine as they asked at times to use images
from the website.

I am not sure if the magazine is still published. I have most of
their early years of publication. Seems a while since I had a
promotional email from them.

Anyway here is just a sample of the magazines. You can still find
them on Ebay. Certainly worth the read.

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