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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 6th November 2017: Post: 3

B494 and the SONY Era

In addition to the A600 I happened across two black hold-alls in
the store and inside was my old SONY video cameras. Man did this
take me back. Back to a time when I never even used the computer
for all my animation work. A time of the video. And only video.

So rewind to 1990 and the trusty SONY CCD-F340E Handycam.

This little baby cost me 1000 in 1989 and add to that two video
recorders at over 300 a pop and the whole exercise cost me quite
a whack. Worth it though for all the years of use.

Back then I was heavy into video editing. I mixed all my own stuff
and even filmed my own music videos, of a kind. I would regularly
have video parties at the house where I mixed comedy and music
for all the guests to enjoy.

Mostly though I loved animation and I would draw all my animations
by hand and then capture each frame using the SONY and then record 
one frame at a time to the video recorders. Worked a treat.

We move further forward to 1994 and the discovery of Vidi-Amiga for
the Amiga. I set up a tripod and stand and hooked up the camera to
the Vidi-Amiga and used the interface to capture both still images
and video via the Panasonic video recorder. Both bits of kit allowed
me to vary the frame rates so I could get seamless smooth productions.

For like three to four years I did very little else to be honest.
I still have so many disks filled with animations and images that I
created using this process. I also mixed samples using TechnoTurbo
and used AMOS to make games and demos. Was truly a magic time.

The camera was an integral part of my Amiga activities. 

Sadly all this ended in 1996 when I discovered the internet and the
scanner. I could never get a suitable alternative to DPaint but to
be truthful by 1996 I was heavy into web page creation and GIF 

And so the SONY was put away for the last time. So sad cus when I 
decided to check the camera out in 2007 she was busted. I did buy 
another camera but sadly that has broken also. It really is a case 
with electronics that if you leave them idle they will fall over. 

The SONY Handycam from 1989

Used every day for like over five years

Quite a heavy camera though generally on a
tripod so no real issue with weight

The amount of controls on the unit
was quite amazing. There was a mixer
for video titling built in

The camera had a fully functional
video player

Trust me when I say this camera could
even see in the dark

Zoom and wide angle plus even micro
were all possible at the touch of a button

And the viewer could pivot through
90 degrees allowing you to view from above

The smallest TV screen in the world

I purchased another but that is also broken

Batteries were so heavy.

They did tend to last a good while though

For general usage I just used the mains

Obsolete technology still looks elegant

And then there were the tapes for recording

Never really used them as I recorded direct
onto video or the Amiga

The most important connectors on the camera

BNC for the Panasonic. Basic composite
for the Vidi Amiga

And finally my trusty tri-pod which I still
use every single day.

Happy days

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