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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 9th November 2017: Post: 4

The Acid Test - Part 4

On the Plus side that is five down and not very many to go. I do not
own that many Amiga Plus models so checking them over shouldn't be  
too hard a struggle. 

Took me three days.. just don't know where the time went.


A-500Plus with GVP which I know is working

Side expansion cover already removed

This is a daily working computer of mine

Another very small RAM expansion

Have been in here a few times

Looking very tidy

U12 as ever with the green legs

Corrosion to U12 and C12. Don't forget
the age of this kit now

Generally very good

Nothing around the clock

8A.1 - Beautiful tracks

2.04 on the ROM. Good machine for the GVP

Drive lights active on the GVP

Working no problem

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