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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 9th November 2017: Post: 6

The Acid Test - Part 6

On the Plus side that is seven down and not very many to go. I do not
own that many Amiga Plus models so checking them over shouldn't be  
too hard a struggle. 

Took me three days.. just don't know where the time went.


Can't recall what the problem was in May

Star screws... don't you just love them

No RAM card... What a surprise

Battery removed and light green motherboard

On the face of it looks generally OK

JP9 and U12 have taken the hit again
and this battery had leaked quite a bit
Nothing you can do but clean up in truth

Not my favourite machine the 500Plus
I did tend to avoid the computers. Sad really

Such a bloody stupid idea in the first place
sticking the battery there.

Basically if you have a Plus and you
have the machine sealed and unopened
she is going to be slowly dying

This one is just about working

The majority of tracks are fine
Trouble is it only takes one to be busted

Generally OK.. I say generally

She was working for me and booted
without issue. I will put her in store
and check again in a few months.

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