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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 9th November 2017: Post: 7

The Acid Test - Part 7

On the Plus side that is eight down and not very many to go. I do not
own that many Amiga Plus models so checking them over shouldn't be  
too hard a struggle. 

Took me three days.. just don't know where the time went.


A boxed Amiga A-500Plus no less

Bit of a rarity for me this

Strange Trilogic video connector
as its a female to female

Very clean machine this

And quite the most elaborate ROM switcher

Not sure why they chose to do it this way

Dark green mobo with all the tramways
clearly visible and looking good

Some minor damage but the battery
had not leaked when I removed it

Green across the screen

Pheonix by DSH

Beast of a connector

Clock area clean as a whistle

Plastic spacer support stuck to shielding

Whacky idea with the ribbon

Just three points of corrosion

Cleaned up generally OK

Its a ROM sandwich

Plastic jigsaw


Power input

Think I'm happy with that...
Just one last look. Does play on
the old mind these battery removals

Anyway she powered up just fine
Good girl.. Back in the box. Sorry.

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