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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 9th November 2017: Post: 8

The Acid Test - Part 8

I finish this little exercise with a view of an A500. A few months
back now I checked over 26 plus A500/A500+ machines and set aside
three computers that needed further attention. Two of them were
A500Plus computers which we have already seen. This A500 had a 
strange power issue, albeit while using the GVP. I didn't think 
there was much wrong but today I open up the computer to see.

The A500 in truth is the most reliable Amiga ever made. Classic.


Yellow maybe but definitely young at heart

I have so many A500s and they all look the same

In the early 2000s I would buy up cheap A500s
just to crack them open to see what was inside
I never ever got tired of collecting the A500
Simply the most rewarding machine to collect

There was so much love in the early 500s
in respect of the connectors, chips and ribbons
They truly were a work of art

Look at the ribbon connector to the keyboard

What would a 500 be without the RAM board


Memory Expansion Systems Limited

So much tidier without the battery

Think that's an afterthought, the
connector to the CIA

Revision 6A

Bit like SIMCITY

OSC was a different way round
on the earlier motherboards

Ok Time for the tour

Little red and green lights

She is working fine

And the red light on the CAPS button
Pictured in the dark

The computer has been on all week so I
knew she was fine. Just wanted a little
bit of attention

There you have it I have checked all the
500+ machines and just the one is broken
What is more, from the 26 plus computers I
checked of the 500 range only the one is
truly faulty [ broken ]

Not bad given the 25 to 30 year age of the kit
If I had to rely on one Amiga surviving another
thirty years my money would be on an A500... BUT
only if it never ever like had a battery.

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