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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 11th November 2017: Post: 1

Do I really have to open every single A500 ?

I was mucking around with an A500 last night that I had threatened
with a good clean. The machine is hooked up to a GVP sidecar and
I suddenly became curious as to why the ROM switcher allowed me
to use the 2.04 ROM. Wish I hadn't looked.

Just your bog standard Amiga 500

With a ROM switcher

The computer really does need a good clean

Why does that RAM card say A500+

OH NO !!!! She's an A500+


My heart was in my mouth

Death was lurking in the shadows

Fortunately didn't look to be leaking

Strange little RAM board.. No battery

OK .. time to remove the bad guy

Nasty little thing

Looks pretty clean in there

Odd how the battery just being there
corrodes the legs .

The battery is toast.. So should be OK now

Doesn't seem to be a problem

Strange switcher. The ribbon is stuck down

Happy with that result

That switch from inside

I have set the unit aside to give a good clean
and will clean the legs on the component just
for good measure. I don't mess around too much
cus the computer is working just fine

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