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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 11th November 2017: Post: 2

A500 that thinks she is an A1200

This is my most favourite A500, what with the 3.1 ROM and all
This computer is on every single day. She is hooked up to the
A590 and has so many goodies that I access. Great computer. And
so following my previous exercise I decided to check to see if
she was indeed an A500 and not an A500+ with a battery

Getting late and I really had had my
fill of barrell batteries

So far so good

Oh No !! More batteries

Fortunately that was the only one

That 3.1 ROM

Pretty much a standard expansion
to the Amiga 500 in the day

All looking as it should.. Well except for
the 3.1ROM. Makes me think if there were
any mods to the board.

Maybe another day I have to sleep

One last thing though.. REMOVE THE BATTERY

And I'm done with A500+ machines

Or so I thought. I was looking at my
website for the A500+ and found these
two images. And guess what .. I do not
recognise the board. So now I have to
go find the motherboard. Bugga !!

Battery Warning

A500+ A500+

If you have an A500+ in store then you probably
have a leaking battery. Best bet is to remove it

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