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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 11th November 2017: Post: 5

You gotta be kidding me !!!!

I was preparing a picture shoot of some C64 boxes and I came across
yet another Cartoon Classics box. I opened up and there inside was
yet another Amiga 500Plus. And the dreaded battery

Lets go round again

Beyond a joke this !!

The A500Plus and definitely a Cartoon Classic
'She's not bad. She's just drawn that way'
[ Roger Rabbit ]

What a surprise yet another A500Plus

I had thought I had seen the last of these

So sad. Never ever been opened

Sad because that means a battery for sure

Man do I hate doing that

So what state do we think the battery will be in

No card this time

This computer has not been opened since
she left the factory floor and had the
seals stuck to the casing

I would suggest that this computer has
had very little if any usage. The battery
just isn't degraded in any way

Just a slight touch of furring on the surface

And there she is ... GONE !!

Time to clean up

Amazing where the dust and debris
comes from inside a computer

Especially when stored in a box

Cleaned up just fine

Revision 8A

v2.04 ROM

Very clean trackways

Not been seen since the day manufactured

I guess it is time to test the hardware

Nothing more to do here

She is alive. Like I ever doubted it

The 2.0 ROM of the A500Plus

Whoops.. Using a proper Workbench disk

Classic 2.05 for the A600

Checking the keyboard and leaving my calling card

Batteries removed just this year so far

On the Plus side she is working

And that is that... No more !!

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