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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 15th November 2017: Post: 1

The future is retro - Seriously


'I am the prince of Valhalla. I have a sad story to tell. This castle 
was my home.... ' Interesting lines from the Amiga game. And times like 
this I just feel like the little guy. His world destroyed and only by 
clever cunning can he put it back together. That my friends is what 
retro lets you do. Read on.

It started with a little spellchecker that I had on the Win95 machine 
and then on the Win98 machine. Sadly with XP it was outlawed. There are 
plenty of spellcheckers you might say, but what in truth was wrong with 
the one I had.

Solution: Keep your Win98 and Win95 machines running and the 
spellchecker lives.

Next... I had a very wonderful menu add-on with Win95 and then Win98 
which allowed me to interrogate file listings in way more detailed a way 
than your standard menu facilities. It allowed me to make notepad 
listings of the files contents so I could study in a text editor the 
content and paste them into HTML docs. Sadly again with XP this was 
outlawed by MS.

Solution: Keep my Win98 and Win95 machines running and the facility 
still exists.

Fast forward.. or we will be here all day.

I had an FLV editor that not only saved and edited but played in the 
browser. Sadly Adobe changed the Flash and all was lost.

Solution: Keep the XP machine offline and never update Adobe. And then I 
can still edit FLVs and run them in the outdated browser. Better I can 
still watch the gazillion pages of web stuff I have that use the player 
and the videos. Otherwise you really are just looking at a blank screen.

I had a file converter. Sorry... I 'have' a great file converter. Its 
magic does everything I need. Sadly it was deemed untrustworthy by 
Microsoft and the owners forced to dump the software. However on my XP 
machine it still works. No problems.

Solution use an XP machine that is not online to do all my file conversions.

I seriously had so many wonderful applications associated with Firefox 
that one by one have been ticked off their list.


Fast forward again to yesterday.

Firefox updated the browser and in one sweep disabled... nay destroyed 
and made them unusable all of the last remaining add-ons I had on the 
browser. There are no alternatives. One was the very handy Norton page 
checker that comes with my virus checker.

I have a sneaking suspicion who is behind it given that the software 
does take advantage of certain sites and I am assuming the powers at be 
caved to the pressure of the mighty internet Overlord. [ Back to Valhalla ]

Anyway... pissed me off big time. So I gave myself a simple challenge 
this morning. I wanted to to carry out two functions that I was able to 
do two days ago before the Firefox update.

01: Fire up an XP machine isolated from my current network.
02: Disable Firefox updates.
03: Set the machine on with no other computer active and connect to hub.
04: Update AVG
05: Fire up Firefox
06: Install the recently removed add-ons which remarkably were available 
through Firefox and not tagged Legacy
07: Visit the two sites in question and download as I previously had 
done so.
08: No problemo
09: USB stick. Copy files. Unplug the XP machine.
10: Reconnect Win7
11: Copy files to computer
12: Way to blind-side the blinder.

And so my friends the future is Retro. You may say that there are apps 
on the internet that still let you do all these things, well sorry I for 
one no longer trust the green download buttons on ANY site. I simply 
cannot trust anything or nobody. However for stuff that I have been 
using for years I am more than happy to use. Hence the term ' The future 
is retro '.

I will ruffle a few feathers here but for me the problem in all this is 
mobile phones and the acceptance of the worlds many to embrace social 
media and the linking of all that is done with apps that link everyone 
to bloody everything. Simply opens the doors to the watchers and the 
controllers to implement methods for monitoring activity and reaching 
the person who will have a unique telephone number.. unlike the 
computer. The PC is dead in truth. It has its uses but the world is 
phone bonkers. And the mighty Lord of Infinity is taking control of all 
your browsing habits. It really is only a matter of time till they 
implement the Kill Switch preventing any user from accessing the internet.

Well for now I can still do what I was doing three days ago but I have 
to say its getting harder and harder. Thankfully I have the means to 
carry on as normal. Just means sitting at a different desk.

And so unlike the term ' onwards ' I am again moved to proclaim ' back 
to my future '. Retro rocks... go fish !!!


So much of computing has been lost to the mighty mobile. Don't emulate 
...... participate.

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