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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 20th November 2017: Post: 2

Appletalk - The Apple ][ Part 1

I will be honest, I neither know much about Apple nor have any
great love for the computer. I spent a few years in an office where
they were the predominant machine. Sadly though I just never got
hooked. I reflect on why but have no real answer. What is more
I have quite a number of Apple and Macs and could so easily switch
them on and have a tinker. But, I never seriously get the desire to
do so. No idea... it really is a mystery to me.

I also never have been tempted by their new products. Nothing about
tablets, touch screens and telephones interest me in the least.
Whilst I have no love for the product I do wave a lot of time for
the great 'Woz' [ Steve Wozniak ]. Had he found a home at Commodore
we may have had a machine still today. He appeared to have a strong
desire to maintain the blood line of machines which is something
others in the company seemed dead set against. For me Apple was the
brand and make of computer... I have no idea why it needed to be
called a Macintosh. Sounds like something you need for a rainy day.

Anyway I have no views one way or tother so I will just present this
gallery of images of the later Apples I have which number three.
I got the power lights on and that is about as far as I got. It
is the same with the Mac. I have three on here at the moment but
without a monitor I just listen for the chimes and wait for the hard
disk to stop rolling round. Then I leave them a while and switch off.
At least the iMacG3 down stairs has the monitor but as pleasant as it
is I never play. Yet I can switch the C64 on and I kinda just get
lost in it all. The iMac is bloody heavy. What is in that thing ?

Apple ][ Europlus

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