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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 22nd November 2017: Post: 2

I found GOLEM

OK so I was a little miffed with the issue of the floppy drive on
the PCW9512+ and being the type not to give up I went on the search
for a suitable alternative. 

The problem though was finding a drive that would work with the
PCW architecture. The current drive had no power socket and a 
smaller ribbon connector. It was also the 720KB. 

The existing drive has no power connector. Very odd

First stop is the external drive on the 8256

This drive is a 3.5" of the capacity needed

Sadly the ribbon is split to give power
to the drive and would not work on the +

I have a lot of Amiga floppy drives though
suspect that whilst the capacity may work
the drive connectors will not. I know for a
fact that the conventional drives have a power
connector, but what of a floppy drive

I dug out some boxes and was pleasantly surprised
to find a drive with an LED side display

Complete with track display. Amazing

The back of the track display unit is switched

My goodness the drive is a GOLEM

As to what this does I have no idea
It looks like a straight pass through
with no markings on the unit

What it did do was immobilise the drive

Back to the task in hand. I wasn't about
to break open these units so I dug out another

As I suspected this has the wider ribbon
the power supply to the side

The architecture is completely different

Just not going to work. Game over

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