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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 23rd November 2017: Post: 1

The PCW9512+ update - Citizen 'Came'

Typically scuzz, I just couldn't put this baby to bed. My supplier
of disk belts couldn't help sadly so I was back to square one. I 
was Googling like mad but found nothing. And then I simply typed
in the reference number for the floppy drive UODC-45A. I came 
across an old forum post for the Sam Coupe which had identified
a drive being discussed as my very drive. It explained how to open
the drive.....

And I was off again

In no time I had the machine stripped back
down and the drive on the bench. I kid you
not but these guys who made these things
didn't want you to open them up. That last
screw it tightened to the max. I had to press
down so hard and use a pair of grips to twist
the screwdriver..... But I did it.

Note how the old drive is slack and bigger
than the pully on the main motor drive

And there is the pain of my life the rubber
drive belt. Thought I'd seen the last

Turns out it was the same as for the
Amstrad 9512, 6128 3" drive. The belts
are still available on Ebay. I have like
a bag full from the years endeavours

Note how the new belt will need to be
stretched into position

Difficult to see but the belt is
inserted from the motor end and
can be fed over the large pully
Just remember to note how it fits
around the secondary silver wheel

And there she is

I am the rubber band man

Heart's in my mouth but I have to stay
calm and hope all works now...

Drive back in the case

Confident so I will actually use
all the screws.

back into the high tech interior
of the Amstrad PCW9512+

Quickly reassemble the main boards

That painful, so painful set of screws
Who designs kit that you simply cannot
get at. Takes for ever to get that last
screw in place. You can see an abandoned
failed lost screw in the base

All earth wires reconnected and power
The monitor gubbins is on the top shelf
and the computer on the lower level

Nearly there

Bit like starting an old BSA
motorbike to get the drive working

And we are in... WHOOO HOOOOOO !!!

She's alive.. She's alive !!!

We have lift off. Wonderful disk light
Thought I would never see you again

OK better put her clothes back on
Poor thing's been half undressed
for like ever. Now she can have a
thorough clean.

If you are familiar to the PCW boot
you will appreciate just how wonderful
it is to see those starter lines run
down from the top of the machine

And the loading progresses

OK I'm done here. Another computer is
brought back to life. So happy

And all because I Googled the reference
on the drive. Big thanks to EAB.

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