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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 30th November 2017: Post: 2

Amstrad Notebook NC200

An upgrade to the NC100 came in 1993 in the form of the NC200 which
boasted a tilt screen and floppy drive no less. The screen is back
lit and has a 80 x 16 text screen. The disk drive can read read 
720KB 3.5" floppy disks in MS Format and has 128KB of RAM.

Batteries I would have thought would have made this unit unusable
as it needed 5 x C cells and with the floppy and screen would burn
through the things in no time. Really wasn't portable in truth.

There was a third design I am told the NC150 which was released
in Europe. Not sure how much of a difference there was.

I like the design of this computer which really is incredibly well
made and has some sleak slender lines. It has the feel of a leather
case when closed and certainly you wouldn't be asahmed to be carrying
one of these around in the day. Nice one.

The ' Notebook ' this time NC200
or plastic leather cased unit

I do like the nice design touches
of the case including the gentle
ribbing to the top case. Gives the
unit a nice look and feel.

Rear ports with tidy cover flap

Amazing how he got the floppy in there

And the memory card slot

User friendly seems to have been the
target for this computer. Certainly
was user easy... so I guess friendly

So like a small brief case in many
of the design features .. Nice clasp

No indication of a circular pivot
and so well thought through that

Useful electrical information and a
different power value to the Notepad

I do like the tilt screen on this unit

Looks more effective with the flip screen

Same keys I fear as the NC100
quality wise. Kinda lets it down

Power button and slide discreetly located

The hinge just to the one side is
a great touch especially as it covers
the controls and bleeper slot

Whoo hoo !! A white key.

Clear functionality. Easier to read
especially below the main screen

And there you have it the desk diary
Sorry Alan ... your fired. I would have
preferred the screen as a BASIC start or
like MSDOS with a small menu and all that
gubbins as maybe function keys.There is no
mouse and the screen just looks toyish.. and
in the day would not have encouraged me to
buy it. Bit like a Mac... with a fixed form
which sorry I find too restrictive. And yes
I never found the Mac any different.

This was even worse


PC16 PC16

But I definitely will not be going there

Mac Classic Mac Classic

... Hmmm interesting.. Or not. Probably not

That's that for November

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