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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 1st November 2018: Post 01: Power Scanner

Amiga Power Scanner
Never was a great fan of the hand scanner given that they generally
were black and white and the results a little hit and miss. For my
scanning needs I tended to use a digitizer and video capture, but
then I did tend to like working in animation.

Power Computing were very popular in the day and they had a very
good range of kit on sale. Just flip open any of the more common
Amiga magazines from the period and you will be sure to find a full
page and often double page spread for Power Computing. I must have
spent way too much money on kit from them.

I did update the web site a while back with a whole series of hand
scanners and was somewhat disappointed I couldn't find the Power
Scanner to show. So imagine my delight when sifting deep into some
plastic tubs for other things to find not only the boxed scanner
but other loose scanners and yet another boxed scanner. I do recall
obtaining quite a few of these but never getting round to trying them
out. They look very interesting and quite professional.

This unit whilst marketed for the 3000 and 4000 seems to have varying
instructions that suggest an A500 set up. So I am not sure just where
the instruction manuals come from originally. This unit is definitely
connected to the parallel port with a ribbon that then can serve
your printer. I didn't try the scanner though it looks the business.

Power Scanner

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