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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 7th November 2018: Post 02: C64 SHADO PM-44026

C64 - SHADO PM-4402C Data Recorder - Day 2

Day 2 of my efforts to get the SHADO working and this time I went
in deep. I stripped the unit open and cleaned the pulley wheels
and checked over all the belts and such. I could find very little
that was wrong and so re-assembled the data recorder.

Next I used cotton buds to clean the heads and removed loads of
gunk from the heads of the recorder. There are those that will
utterly disagree with my methods but in truth the best cleaner
I have found is none other than good old human spit. I just lick
the cotton bud. Same goes for cleaning dirty CDs.. sorry for that.

I dried off and cleaned the case. And connected up and like magic
she worked without fault. In addition to the games I brought to
the bench yesterday Ghostbusters, Batman, Turrican II, Uridium
and Empire Strikes Back I loaded up Biggles, Spy vs Spy, Giana
Sisters, Paperboy, Badlands, Hobbit, Battleships, Leaderboard
World Class and Super Hang On. Not one of those games refused to
load. Ghostbusters even has a fantastic mini game of Space Invaders
in the loading process.

Unbelievable. Not one failure of the games loaded. I finished the day
with a session of Uridium which is the best game like ever on any
platform. Classic on the C64.

So there you go the SHADO is more than a shadow of its previous
self and is working just fine. Well worth the effort.

Pictures are in black and white cus I use a black and white TV
when testing kit. Sorry for that.


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