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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 10th November 2018: Post 01: Wharfedale - Talk to me

Wharfedale - Talk to me

One of the fun aspects of mucking around with technology is setting
yourself little challenges and seeing if you can be successful.
Anyhoo... I am sitting looking at my Olympus voice recorder and
reflecting on the 32GB of memory stored within filled with all my
voice recordings, and considered what would happen if the recorder
was to die. Further, would it be possible to listen to the files
on the card without the use of a computer or a voice recorder. I
set myself an additional challenge of not being able to use a
display of any form. ... I like a challenge.

So what I needed was a plug and play device that wasn't a computer
and which would auto detect the files and play them at the press
of a button. So some form of MP3 player would fit the bill.

By the way, there is a certain amount of reverse engineering here
as I had already pondered the idea when using the USB on the
chosen player.

I purchased recently this Wharfedale mobile CD player. Basically
cus it looked kinda bog-eyed with a fly's head and that it played
MP3 and USB files. The unit cost me just 10 and works brilliantly.
I have many MP3 files on CD and it basically works through them
all one at a time when you insert the CD. No need for reading off
any menus it just plays without any prompt.

So to the task in hand. The USB slot was basically not a card reader
so first up I bought Card Reader which allows the SD and Micro SD
card to be inserted. I also obtained the micro SD adaptor so that
I could plug the card into the larger of the slots. Turned out
I didn't need to as the Card Reader has the smaller slot also.

I then took my card out of the Olympus and plugged it into Card
Reader and plugged this into the Wharfedale. I flicked the button
to play USB and like magic the unit began systematically playing
all the MP3 files on the USB Card Reader. How cool is that.

I don't have a mobile phone and whilst I do store some things on
the computer there is always the risk of losing tech stuff. I also
can't carry the computer around with me when I need to access
files. So it's really easy to refer to my notes on the sound recorder.
I also make notes in sound files of technical matters that I read
so I can play while I am say taking kit apart. The sound recorder
is used extensively in what I do and really has been a life saver.

It is far easier to record what you are doing and experiencing than
writing it down. The camera is crap cus you keep having to point
it and hold it. The Olympus is just placed down on a shelf say and
I can literally leave it running all the time. Very useful.

Well there you go. Obviously I use the Olympus for listening to stuff
but maybe one day I will be stuck being able to read the small SD cards.
Just nice to know I have another option to read it.... without using one
of them newfangled computer gadgets.

Seriously just a bit of idle fun to entertain myself.

Wharfedale - Talk to me

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