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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 11th November 2018: Post 01: MAC LC II - Pizza anyone

MAC LC II - Pizza anyone

I am not a great fan of the MAC. Anyway this machine dates from
1992 and had a full year of release. Why it only lasted a year
I really don't know. What I do know is that it uses a 16 MHZ
68030 with 4MB RAM. My unit has the hard drive so although I
know this originally came from a college environment was not
the floppy based educational model.

The model has the 32-bit processor and a 16-bit data path.

The unit fires up and runs though I have no idea if it is
working as I don't have a suitable MAC monitor out. One of the
annoying aspects of the MAC is their insistence of using MAC
style connectors for monitors. I do have a MAC monitor in a
box but it is currently propping up the bench holding my
beloved A1000 and 1060 sidecar, and they are way more important
so I wont be dragging out the monitor.

You can go to any of the MAC sites to find out far more info
on the computer. I really only collected a handful of their
machines for reference purposes out of general interest. I
have never been inclined to use any of them.

The computer is called a 'Pizza box' style which I guess I can
understand. One aspect of the MAC which is commendable is the
lack of any screws to , well, anything. The lid clips up to
reveal the insides and then everything is simply clipped into
place. It really is a work of art in that sense.

Anyway, as ever some pictures for you. Not particularly
interesting sadly. I have very little in support of the machine.
Scrub that ...  I have nothing in support of the machine.


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