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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 12th November 2018: Post 01: Spectrum 128 - Hot toast

Spectrum 128 - Hot toast
So how did I get on ? Very good it seems. I not only got a Spectrum128
working but also the Spectrum+. Some days are like that.

I pulled a tape machine and a fist full of games plus a tape of mine
to test and the computer just did everything I asked of it. The screen
was relatively sharp and the games loaded without issue. I was so
amazed I have to say.

At the end of play the heatsink was doing it's job and warming the
room quite nicely.

I show two of the other three units that I have yet to clean and try 
and get working. I have to get a couple of membranes first.

I also have this Spectrum+ which I managed to kick into action. The
unit has a very strange paint spot pattern over the case and keyboard.
Either it was a deliberate attempt to decorate the thing or it had
been used in a workshop. Interesting that the bottom two right
keys were caked with dirt and took an age to clean.

Well there you have it... two down and three to go. The 128 is actually
a first rate computer and I loved mucking around with the games and
such. The keyboard is very easy to use and I guess reflecting on it
now I should have upgraded my 48K to one of these instead of struggling
with the rubber keys. The Spectrum+ is actually just the 48K with the
QL style keyboard.

That was a good couple of days. I have spent further time with the
units cleaning further and now have put them to bed. Sweet dreams.

Spectrum 128 - Hot Toast

I have two others to work on.

Managed to get this Spectrum+ to work.

The computer has an odd white paint spot finish.

Still in the process of cleaning.

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