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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 14th November 2018: Post 02: Spectrum Knight Lore

Spectrum Knight Lore

The classic Speccy game Knight Lore. I was most lucky to have been
gifted this game in 1985 following it's release the previous year.
I had never seen, let alone owned a boxed Spectrum game before.
Prior to this all games were in simple cassette cases and it was a
case of just going through the racks of games at Smiths or Menzies.

The game is like Atic Atac in it's format moving from room to room.
However, in each room there is a puzzle you have to unravel and
work out. And my goodness are they tricky at times.

Very enjoyable and very absorbing. There were a whole batch of
similar games released following Atic Atac and another was the very
spooky Nosferatu the Vampyre from 1986. If you like just wandering
from room to room in 3D and working stuff out then these are two
very good games. 

Spectrum Knight Lore

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