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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 15th November 2018: Post 01: 4-bits of sex

4-bits of sex

Each and every day of the week in 1983 I would travel to Walsall
bus station and enter Smiths from the rear access door and find
my way to the recently installed computer section to pour over
the new kit on offer. This is the place I first saw the ZX-81.
By now I had moved up to a Spectrum 48K so I was a rockin-and-
a-rollin with the new technology.

In addition to the kit and games I would also buy the latest copy
of Home Computing Weekly so I had something to read on the bus on
the way into work. In those days folk really didn't understand the
newfangled computer language and so having a page open on BASIC
would draw some rather interesting glances at what I was reading.

So imagine my surprise on August 9th 1983 to find a rather scantily
clad Page 3 girl adorning the front page of my favourite magazine.
I was a little shocked to say the least and did feel a little
embarrassed taking it to the counter. Worse, I really couldn't pull
it from my bag on the bus for fear of more critical views of what
I was reading. In those days it was standing room only on the bus.

I wasn't quite sure what the logic was for placing the Page 3 girl
onto the front of magazine. It had no relation to anything inside.
The magazine was weekly and one week later, again there was
another Page 3 girl. This carried on for a full four issues and
then it stopped. It never returned, so maybe they realised young
geeky nerds would struggle getting to the cash tills with a chick
scantily clad on the front of anything they purchased.

At least the Aug 16 issue had an article on swimwear which kinda
had some relation to the Page 3 girl on the cover. I know that in
the day all four of these lovely ladies revealed their topless bodies
in The Sun newspaper, but that was on Page 3. Anyway I don't think
the magazine ever carried a semi clad woman on their pages ever
again... to my knowledge. As wonderful as it was to joy at their
beauty I do feel it was really out of keeping with the subject.
It was actually so odd as to be a little troubling. It would be
like picking up Angling Times and having a naked lady showing off
her latest fishing rod.

And so the magazine returned to its normal format and again I
was once again able to read my computer magazine in public.

Home Computing Weekly

Home Computing Weekly .. The sex issues.

OK Calm down .. Back to BASICs

That's much better. What a nerd.

Page 3 Girls

So just who were the Page 3 girls

Janine James and Karen Kelly

Linda Lusardi and Toni White

I just happen to have the biggest
repository of Page 3 memorabilia outside
of Fleet Street, Wapping and the Reading
Rooms of London and Scotland...

Mebee !!

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