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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 16th November 2018: Post 02: Nintendo 64 Expansion PAK

Nintendo 64 Expansion PAK

I was watching a video on YouTube about the Nintendo 64 Expansion PAK
and realised I had one of these babies. Trouble was finding the
little blighter. And so I went on a search and pulled my Dreamcast
box of goodies. Why the expansion would be in there I have no idea.

In the end I found the box but sadly inside was only the Jumper PAK
that I removed when fitting it to one of my 64s. And so to the
vault and a search for the N64. Eventually having scaled the large
desks and reached high onto a shelf I found the box that I needed.
What I discovered will follow tomorrow. For now I'll show what I
uncovered today.

The Nintendo 64 Expansion PAK was released in 1998. The unit expands
the memory by 4MB to 8MB. This permitted higher resolution and the
enabling of longer draw distance. Consequently the Nintendo could
support higher and more detailed graphics. Evidently Donkey Kong 64
was the first release to utilise the hardware. The graphics mode of
640 x 240 high resolution could now be enabled.

You can watch the review video .. H E R E

N64 Expansion PAK

First though I had to dig deep through the box.

Found it !!

Sadly not... Just the removed Jumper PAK
And so the search continues....

More tomorrow

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