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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 17th November 2018: Post 02: Nintendo 64 and now the Expansion PAK

Nintendo 64 and now the Expansion PAK

So my search for the Nintendo 64 Expansion PAK came to a conclusion
today as I located the Nintendo 64 and discovered the PAK under the
small panel on top of the unit. Not really sure how this little
PAC improved the console. I know I am going to insult a few Nintendo
lovers but sorry... how on earth did you ever use this thing? 
Seriously, the controler has to be the worst I have ever encountered.
With both directional controllers tending to be a left hand process
it is kinda bonkers having the targeting stick centre just out of
reach of any fingers and thumbs. I just have never been able to play
on the N64.

Also the inversion issues of targeting in games annoys me to death.
I guess you could probably change it but the brain kinda always
wants to do it one way and the stick the other. And when you invert
the sideways access then gets mucked up. Doesn't work sadly. The 
PS3 controller is the only controller worth having on any console
or computer. It should have become the industry standard. I mean
the first XBOX controller required you to spend a month in the gym
to get those wrist and arm muscles strong enough to lift the thing.

Anyhoo... I am happy to report that the N64 detected the Expansion
PAK when I fired up quake though it did absolutely nothing to use
its functionality. I have been looking all day for my Perfect Dark
cartridge, but it's lost. I AM NOT LOOKING.. M'kay.

Comment: I have never been a cartridge fan. It has always been a big
turn off for me. I appreciate they are fast on loading but they just
fail to appeal. I also have never been a big fan of Mario, Rayman,
SONIC etc It just never clicked with me. A friend of mine had a 
Mega Drive and we were playing something like Faery Tale if I recall
and when we needed to save we were just given this massive code to
write down.... That's not a save. That was a pain.

Here we go then. The very wonderful yet difficult to use, for me,
the Nintendo 64. Quite popular selling 33 million units. The N64
Expansion PAK is the rare item. Quite difficult getting hold of
which is why I was trying to find it.

Nintendo 64 and now the Expansion PAK

N64 Expansion PAK

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