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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 18th November 2018: Post 01: Dreamcast - Frozen in Time

Dreamcast - Frozen in Time

Kinda sad when I reflect on the stored consoles I have. Particularly
games consoles like the PlayStation and the Dreamcast. Time was they
were all I ever really wanted to muck around with. Long days at the
office, possibly travelling for great parts of the day, I would
drag my bones into this room and manage to escape for a few hours
playing Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy. It was just so easy to switch
the consoles on and get busy with it.

The console was a great relief and gave me many many hours of fun.
Sadly though with time the console was replaced by another and life
would change so I found them less intoxicating. The PS1 gave way to
the PS2 which gave way to the PS3. The Dreamcast was replaced by
the XBOX which also was updated and so on and so on. Eventually I
found my home in Warcraft, Tera, SWToR, Archeage and Rift in MMOs
on the PC so this eventually killed off the console.

I rarely play any console game these days. Instead I am more likely
to log into the Blizzard App and play Warcraft, Diablo or StarCraft.
I had to give up with Archeage last year but still play Tera. The
PS3 though sits idle. All other consoles have been put away.

And so when I was searching for games relating to Diablo to photo
a feature for an up coming blog I was saddened to open the PS1
and Dreamcast tubs that house my consoles. For in the tubs are the
units as they were stored the very day I put them away. They were
simply unplugged with all that surrounded them and placed in store.
In truth they have rarely seen the light of day since then.

They represent a different era in gaming. The one that followed the
next gen games consoles after the Amiga. I have very fond, fond
memories of both the Dreamcast and the PS1. They truly did give me
a great sense of escape. I never did skateboard but with Tony Hawks
I did. I never was a brave adventurer but with Lara I was. And I
guess many of the games let me dive into pools that I would never
ever have sunken into. And when the closing credits for the game
rolled on completion I would always be sad for days. And that is
how I felt when switching them on this last day.

Game over... sorry boys. Game over. I can never return to the
world that once was the great gaming era. I would love to but my
fingers are just not that agile any more. So I closed the tubs
and said farewell again. Until the next time. Mebee !!

Dreamcast - Frozen

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