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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 20th November 2018: Post 01: RISCStation - Stuck in the middle

RiscStation - Stuck in the middle

Some of you may actually remember Stealers Wheel and Stuck in the
Middle with You.. You can watch the video ..  H E R E 

Anyway the song rattled around in my brain today as I tried to
unravel an issue I was having with the RISCStation Tower. I call
this an Acorn cus it runs RISC OS 4 but I guess in truth it isn't
an Acorn at all. I guess I should go read up on the computer.

My problem was that having plugged it in to do some file management
I had lost functionality of the middle wheel, which meant I was
literally stuck in the middle. Those who know the Acorn system of
menus will appreciate that Acorn mice had three buttons. The
middle one being most important as it called up the menus. And it
was this button that should have been working off the wheel.

The RISCStation has a PS/2 connector to the rear and can take normal
PC mice. Or so I thought. I was totally befuddled by the whole
thing. I know it was working cus there are oodles of my files on
the computer. How strange. I started to fear that I had lost the
port and the computer was dead in the water.

And then I had a brainwave. The Acorn 7000 I have has a PS/2 mouse
also. I hot footed down the stairs and nabbed the mouse, plugged it
in and found it working. I also noted it had a green end connector.
Curiouser and curiouser. I then realised that I had exchanged mice
with the A7000 last year as that unit hadn't got a mouse.

So I went on the hunt for green ended mice and found two Evesham
mice and like magic they worked. Incredibubble...! I was most happy.

And so I have resolved the issue but have no real idea how. The
only clue is the green ends to mice. Works for me.

Now listen to Stealers Wheel again and marvel at that opening
bass riff as it kicks in at the beginning... 

RiscStation - Acorn

By the way... Louise also did a version of Stuck in the Middle

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