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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 20th November 2018: Post 02: Acorn - Bit of an education

Acorn - Bit of an education

Utter the words Acorn to anyone of the BBC micro era and it probably
will conjure up images of educational software and schools filled
with kids being taught the wonders of micro technology on the BBC.
I worked for any number of educational departments in my time and
have surveyed so many schools. I doubt there was one that didn't
participate in the BBC program to educate kids on the use of the
computer. Many of the BBC's lasted way into the late nineties.

And so when I was collecting Acorn computers I very often came across
educational software. In truth it tended to be all I ever seemed to
acquire. I also had a bit of a reputation for collecting old
computers and would often be gifted kit and software that was destined
for the rubbish tip from schools.

And so I have quite a lot of educational software for the Acorn. Less
of a bit of an education but more of a reflection of an era long since
gone. Kids don't need to be educated on the use of micro technology
it seems. I sense they are born with a mobile device in their hands.

When I was young, it seemed life was so wonderful ...Supertramp

Acorn - Bit of an Education

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