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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 21st November 2018: Post 02: Acorn 7000 - Least not today

Acorn 7000 - Least not today

Kay.. Time for the Acorn 7000. This computer is a little beauty.
If I had had one of these in the day I wouldn't have gone to work,
any day. I just would never have gone to bed. It has to be the
most easy to use computer for its era. It runs on a flat screen
monitor, uses a PS/2 mouse and keyboard. It has CD etc etc. The
OS boots in seconds. It really is a dream machine.

So when it comes to risking the computer by taking the battery
off, I am perplexed. And that is an understatement. I have no
skill when it comes to actual electronic work to replace the battery.
I can take the battery off, no problem, but as to using a soldering
iron, forget it. Practice as I may I would always finish up doing
more harm than good. So when the battery goes she also loses all
the functionality that goes with the battery.

So when I opened her up and followed the guide showing me how to
remove the cradle and expose the motherboard I was a touch
relieved that even after closer inspection the battery appears
to be in a stable state. It has not deteriorated any further. I
do use this computer nearly every day. She gets switched on and
I have a play. She truly is a little marvel.

The clock still keeps good time so for now she can keep the
battery. I will wait until next spring and then take another
look. But for now all I can say is she can survive a while longer
with the battery. Saves me looking back in sadness, least not

Acorn A7000

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