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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 22nd November 2018: Post 03: Commodore C64C - Games

Commodore C64C - Games

It is not my intention here to go through endless games for the C64.
I have literally shelves of the things. I simply grabbed a selection
of boxed games to show as they had better artwork and just tested to
see if they all worked. I am not telling porkies when I say that
with the exception of Total Recall all tapes fully loaded and worked.
It is a testament to the quality of the kit that the games worked
without fault. It also blows holes in the arguments made by the
emulator fraternity that tapes fall over. I hear the same thing said
about disks. Its all 'poppy-cock' and nonsense. Nothing beats the
real thing and they are still working generally without fault. Just
look after what you have and they will last a lifetime.

So here is a selection. Took me all day to photograph this little
lot. I am not a great fan of tape. I tend to always set up a disk
drive on all my computers. They take just too long to load and time
is just way too valuable. Still, I do play some tape games, but not
as often as I should. They are works of art for the era but must be
respected for the period they were born of. It really is no good
expecting modern fluid gameplay with high resolution graphics. It
doesn't help that games box/cassette designers twisted the truth a
little when showing the content of the game.

Anyhoo get a C64 and have a blast. You wont regret it.

Commodore C64C - Games

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