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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 23rd November 2018: Post 01: Spectrum - Those Tapes

Spectrum - Those Tapes

In amongst my library of tapes for the Spectrum I have these, well
er... less than dubious tapes. When you collect as I do you will
find various copies of software. I never feel obliged to rid myself
of them as in truth they are as relevant to the collection as the
actual games and software. Additionally the tapes do have other
software programs on them.

I haven't tried the tapes in the past because I have all the games
anyway. If you know the way taped software is store on a cassette
you will realise it can be a real struggle finding anything on a
continuous string of cassette tape. That being said I decided it
was time to have a play.

My first problem was finding a player that would read the tapes.
In the end I just reflected on what type of machine would have
been likely to have created them in the first place. I dragged
out a few standard cassette players for the time and found the
Alba worked perfectly.

So did the tapes work and what was on them? I had limited time
and sadly these tapes do take an age to load so I did what I could
but I have to say I was ever so pleasantly surprised.

Here is what I found.

Spectrum - Those Tapes

First of the bogus tapes.

Armed and ready with the Spectrum.

The Alba proved most suitable.

Gave a good level of sound.

I do own the games anyway.

First game loaded.

Next up was Hungry Horace.

Chuckie Egg worked.

As did Wheelie. It seemed all
the tapes were working fine.

Even Oracle's Cave.

Man, have I played this game way too much.

Next up Alchemist.

Cheesecake was a home made program.

Found a few bits and pieces on the tapes.

Atic Atac ... Classic.

The very wonderful Jetpac.

Assembling the rocket.

Jumping Jack.

Yet more Horace.

The Castle.

And finally for now Manic Miner.

So all the tapes worked and no failures.

Nothing for it but to play Manic Miner

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