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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 26th November 2018: Post 01: Spy vs Spy

Spy vs Spy

I wasn't sure whether to include this game on the blog, but given
that I spent so much time playing I just couldn't resist taking
some photographs and making a small feature.

The game is a classic and I doubt there are few reading that have
not heard of it. Based on the MAD Magazine comic strip it was
released in 1984 by Five Star Software. So successful was it that
we also got Island Capers and Arctic Antics.

Set in an embassy we have a split screen and two characters, one
black and one white. You can play the computer or you can play
against another player. The aim is to search the embassy for the
secret plans along with passport, money and keys to the plane.

As you progress through the embassy you can use the Trapulator
and set traps like Acid Buckets and bombs. These can either be
activated or disarmed by the other character. If both of the
characters enter the room together and come close enough they
enter into a fight and hit each other with sticks.

Eventually you will have discovered all that you need and you
hot foot out to the waiting plane and fly into the sunset.

It really is so well made. The computer captures the feel of
the cartoon strip and the annoying music just fills your head.
I really do like this game. I have the version for the Amiga,
Amstrad CPC464 and the Spectrum. The games boxes seem to litter
this house, but always make me smile.

Anyhoo here is the last in my games on tape review. Time to get
busy mucking around with other platforms.

Happy days.

Spy vs Spy

On the Commodore 64.

On the Amstrad CPC464.

On the Amiga.

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