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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 27th November 2018: Post 01: N.U.D.E.


N.U.D.E. or Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment. I have always been
fascinated by the concept of artificial intelligence. I always saw
the computer as a way of not only extending my own brain power but
actually enabling a device to think for me. From the very first
time I pressed a calculator button I longed for the day when the
device would actually talk back and interact with me.

In the nineties we had the growth in the Tamagotchi and I did
have mine with me all the time. The idea that an electrical device
could actually think for itself and develop as you fed it data
had to be the way forward, or so I thought.

It never really has gotten that way. Computers for the most part
are dumb interfaces capable of only interpreting data through a
pre-programmed series of commands. There really isn't any way it
would seem for the computer to actually think for itself. I know
that Stephen Hawking warned of AI but in truth I would welcome
some kind of device that thinks for itself.

In the early 2000s I was drawn to a game called N.U.D.E. This
was labelled a game though looked far from that. What was involved
was the nurturing of an artificial life form robot that could be
programmed to react in certain ways depending on the input you
provided to its brain. The magic part was that the interaction
was on voice command. So as you spoke the robot responded accordingly.

She was called PASS or Personal Assist Secretary System and was
the creation of Red Entertainment released April 24 2003.

Sadly the game never ported to Europe and I was stuck with a
Japanese import that I couldn't use. Additionally all the information
is in Japanese so I can't read what is included. The robot starts
it's life as a dumb mechanoid that slowly evolves developing a
unique personality that is a product of your inputs. Eventually
it develops the skills to interact, communicate and carry out simple
tasks, all built from the information you provide.

This kind of thing for me would have been the natural evolution
of the computer. So instead of a console or terminal you had a
three dimensional mechanoid that simply took instruction from you.
I guess, in the end they would work out how to free themselves
from the bonds of human kind and take over the world. This would
lead to future based AI being sent back in time to destroy me in
my attempts to get rid of N.U.D.E. I have a feeling they have
already been back to infect the unit as the sponge to the mic
and ear piece are failing.

Never mind. Great idea but never came to anything. There is a
similar game for the Dreamcast I am told.

By the way.... she isn't nude. She's just a robot with a pretty
head. Quite cute if you are into Anime and robots. Interesting.

Tomorrow I will show you how to make a Death Star and destroy
the planet. Happy days.

Sadly I haven't been able to do very much these last two days
as I have had to do the eternal, it seems, backing up [ yawn ].
Happily been photographing the Amiga today... Whoo hoo.


~ o ~

Fortunately I have one of these so I am
ready for the Terminator should it arrive

This is what I am talking about ... H E R E

And one being used .. H E R E

And N.U.D.E. .. H E R E

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