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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 28th November 2018: Post 02: Game Books - Pt 2

Game Books - Pt 2 - Tomb Raider

Where do I begin when describing the antics of this young lady.
I always struggled for as long as I could before reaching for the
guide. I would then be somewhat exacerbated by the resultant
solution. I would be scratching my head and just screaming ' You
gotta be kidding me '.

There was this one challenge where I had to fire an arrow directly
at a centaur as he rode by. The motion would slow down and you had
like a nano second to get it right. And there were three of them.
I was at this for over a week.

Tomb raider is one of those games where you are expected to die...
like all the time. Over and over till you get it right. The puzzles
could be a little vague and obscure and the challenges based on
pin point accuracy with no mistakes. So climbing the pillar and
then abseiling the trip wire, dropping perfectly to a podium and
climbing and traversing a ledge, avoiding the flames. Jumping to
a high bar and somersaulting to the switch had to be done in
perfect sequence without taking a breath. Once done you could
relax and maybe save the game. Fall to your death and you have
to do it all over again.

The books helped but only to explain the challenge that had to
be undertaken. That woman has made me angrier than I can admit
and yet with fresh cuppa in hand having sworn never to play it
again I remind myself of the hundreds of times I have caved and
simply returned .... for one last go. If that were only the case.

So these books have been very very well thumbed. Way too much.
In Final Fantasy you had time often to stop and read the guide.
In Tomb Raider you just didn't have time to look at the pages
as you were being chased by a giant raptor.

I love Lara Croft. Seriously. I have spent more time on my own
with this woman than any other so I reckon that makes us a couple
by any other name. She is unforgiving, and demanding and a right
pain in the backside. But I love her. Shame they destroyed the
game and worse made a dreadful hash of the films. Fortunately
I have the game and my memories. And she does have the best of
one liners.... ' Humour me with your life ' .. Classic.

So here is Lara. 

Tomb Raider

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