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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 28th November 2018: Post 03: Game Books - Pt 3

Game Books - Pt 3 - World of Warcraft

For me the biggest game I have ever played is World of Warcraft.
I still am resident in the game after ten years and seven expansions.
The World has grown over the years and is massive beyond any other
game of this format. The original zones of Kalimdor and Eastern
Kingdoms were in themselves massive, but to add Outland, Northrend,
Cata, Pandaria, Draenor, Broken Isles and now the zones relating
to Battle for Azeroth is quite a feat in its own right. So getting
about the game can prove to be a little challenging.

Being an online game and an MMO has meant that it is also a moving
target as the zones and character attributes and mechanisms change
with each patch it seems. The original game is not even any longer
playable, though next year it will return as Classic.

Many players, including me, long for the days of Classic when the
game was very much different. The books that I feature here were
released at that time. I started playing in 2008 and still have
many characters from that period. I have never quite been able
to ditch that itch, though I have dabbled in numerous games during
the same period.

There is something quite magical to playing in Azeroth. The world
is open and you are free to explore anywhere. It permits the use
of your own imagination to immerse in its content. And so I venture
out each day with my silver tabby cat into the World of Warcraft.
In truth it is a great escape and that is its greatest attribute.

So just a few images from the books to give you a flavour.

World of Warcraft

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