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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 28th November 2018: Post 04: Game Books - Pt 4

Game Books - Pt 4 - General Comment

I am a great supporter of the written word. More importantly I
view the loss of published work as a disaster of immeasurable scale.
We have not simply lost the great works of published art but also
all those that made it possible, including the very stores that
sold the guides, journals, magazines and books. I did enjoy my
trips to the games and book stores. I found the whole experience
most rewarding. I loved flicking through endless pages and then
buying colourful journals and magazines.

Magazine racks were a great source of education to me and staking
your claim to a spot meant you had earned your right of passage to
be part of that community that had an interest in the material being
viewed. We stood in grouped huddles, the campers, the mechanics,
the football enthusiasts, the artists, the computer nerds and the
gaming nutters. All lost for a moment to the works of journalistic

The internet has destroyed so much. I no longer have stores filled
with books and games and magazines and records etc etc. They have
all given way to online stores. It is not the same. Neither is the
quality of journalistic reporting. Instead of gloriously coloured
and incredibly well photographed and reported content we have
pages full of tweets. Comments from nobodies with no actual
credentials to prove their worth.

And so the books and magazines I posses may be the last ever produced.
I know that many of the publications have ceased to exist. Further,
the games companies and software houses no longer print anything.
Instead they offer online facilities, which are neither as fun or
rewarding to read. Without a source of display and sale many of
the related publishing houses have given up writing guides and
the like. In truth the games are less likely to generate guides

I do recall the swirling magazine racks at Electronic Boutique.
Always filled with copies of the latest gaming guides. How I
wish I had acquired more.

Anyhoo... here is just some last scraps from the my box. Interesting
that I found my Madonna  programme from the 1990 Blond Ambition
Tour. Nothing conjures up the memory of a moment than a picture.
These are moments that we treasure... Man do I love books.

Last of the last sadly

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