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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2018

Entry 30th November 2018: Post 01: OS3.1 DOS

Amiga OS 3.1 DOS Book

Well this is embarrassing. I was ready to respond to a recent query
regarding OS 3.1 and the DOS manual that came with it, when I
discovered to my surprise that my boxed OS3.1 Workbench was actually
a German version. That isn't clear from the outside of the box.

Didn't help that I had been told that either the 3.5 or 3.9 CD has
the DOS book in PDF format included. Spent an age on the 4000D but
couldn't find any such PDF.

I do have the later Workbench and 1200 books printed around the
ESCOM era. But sadly no DOS book. Feel like a real plonker now.

Not sure how much changed after 3.0. Hopefully not a lot. I guess
could scan the German document and then translate, but that seems
an awful lot of work.

Never mind.... I am bereft of OS3.1 DOS. The horror.

I did find my OS3.1 disks with the 3.1 ROM for the 500/2000.

Amiga OS3.1 DOS

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