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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2019

Entry 20th November 2019: Post 01: BBC Micro - Pocket Guide.

BBC Micro - Pocket Guide.

I am always very grateful when I come across a pocket guide for
computers. It can be a bit of a pain dragging out a thick manuals
just to establish how to copy files etc. It is surprising just
how different each of the computers deal with the most BASIC of
procedures. The BBC is one of those computers that runs in both
BASIC and the main Machine Operating System. There is also the
little matter of disk over tape.

So today when I was doing my winter move of the BBC Master System
I found this pocket guide . Very useful I have to say and I took
the opportunity of taking some pictures for quick reference.

When I obtained the Master System I also acquired a number of
books and disks, together with the previous owner's guide notes.
All of which has been incredibly useful when programming on the
BBC, for both Master and BBC Model B.

Anyhoo the Master System is now safely in store for the winter
season so I can't play again till the spring. Bugga.


BBC Micro - Pocket Guide.

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