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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2019

Entry 20th November 2019: Post 02: Amiga K240 - Deep space is no Utopia.

Amiga K240 - Deep space is no Utopia.

K240 represents a space colonisation adventure by the very talented
Graeme Ing and Celestial Software. Those that know the game are
probably aware that this is the follow up to Utopia which was
another classic created by Graeme. In addition to K240 and Utopia
he also developed Raiders and Federation Quest. I have all of these
games, and what surprises me most is that there wasn't more for
the Amiga.

The reason I am featuring this game today is that I have searched
high and low for the box and only discovered it the other week
when digging out other games. The box was end on and staring me
straight in the face. The only visible word, however, was Gremlin.

The game sits very well with games like Polulous and Genesia as a
kinda interstellar god game. There is so much going on in the game
and you need to learn quite a bit before you can begin to manage
your colony or should I say, asteroid belt. Man is this fun.

There was a another sequel to this game designed for the PC though
as I don't have the game I wont mention it here.

If you want to dabble it is available on CU Amiga cover disk 77
and it really is worth the effort. Takes a while to get into the
flow of things but fun all the same. Utopia is just as good though
I don't think the game featured on a cover disk.

Graeme Ing has his own website and writes books and these are all
featured. Appears he has the same tastes as I. Great guy.

Link to Graeme Ing website

I had a blast today playing Utopia. Hadn't played the game before
by the looks of it. Most enjoyable. Kinda went dark whilst I was
playing so I felt I had disappeared down a black hole.

K240 was one of those games that was developed exclusively for the
Amiga by Gremlin. But then 1994 may have been bad for Commodore
but still truly magical for Amiga games. So many.


Amiga K240 - Deep space is no Utopia.


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