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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2019

Entry 22nd November 2019: Post 02: Retro Gaming - I am no Castle Master.

Retro Gaming - I am no Castle Master.

I am no retro gamer. May appear a rather odd thing to admit given
the nature of what I do here, but I really don't play many retro
games. I find them interesting for historical reference and I do
enjoy checking out games and seeing just what they were about. It
is also interesting tracking the works of certain designers.

However, when it comes to playing games I have always been minded
to play the next best thing, or as close as possible. For me the
quality of video graphics and the almost photo realistic gaming
experience is ever moving forward. And once I had experienced
the better graphics I found I rarely wanted to go back to a lesser
quality version. Tomb Raider moved forward quite dramatically from
the first crude pixel renditions. And when I had seen Lara in her
later adventures, I just knew I couldn't go back to those first
games. Why would I? Computers are by nature an advancing technology.

The issue I have with gaming now, which has prevented me from
venturing further than the PS3 is the preoccupation with shooters
and kill games. I appreciate that the base concept of killing stuff
has been the staple core of most games since day dot, but sadly
now the games are rooted in kill fests of almost a bloody nature.
Lara Croft is point in fact, given that I did start playing the
latest adventures, but gave up when she was stuck on a platform
with a bow and arrow trying to kill endless mobs with machine
guns. This form of shooter is not why I play Tomb Raider. I think
the clue is in the name. Games today focus too much on killing
and I just don't enjoy it.

There is one other issue with modern gaming platforms that I have
touched on before. For me my games console is a private affair. It
is sacred territory where nobody is invited. I play MMOs on the
PC, cus the PC just is an internet based machine and is set up
that way. But I enjoy solo game play on the console and for that
I get free access to all my games. Both XBOX and PS4 introduced
the monthly sub and that is where the gaming console era ended
for me. I have not purchased a PS4, though I would love to do so.
I play MMOs on the PC to which I have subs. But having to pay to
use my console just grates on me.

And so to Castle Master. Sadly dull as soup. I am sure it was a
classic in its day. But I can just not get a rise out of games
like these. I am use to fluid gameplay and total freedom of
movement and photo realistic video quality. It really doesn't
matter how complex the problem solving is, I just get bored so
quickly. It isn't through trying. I have tried many times to
get further than the wizard's hut. Sadly I just get bored and then
go fire up Tera.

I couldn't resist superimposing a bit of Tera onto the last image
in the set here. Featuring Fraya the queen of the High Elf city
in Allemanthia. In the scene shown we have tracked Malachai to
the Arcane Symposium having battled our way through Arachnaea
in Frontera. Fraya is a very powerful character and Allemanthia
is quite the most wondrous of places. And so with games like
Tera to play I really don't play too much Castle Master. In truth
I doubt it would have appealed to me in the day. It took the
game Ishar to pull me away from films and books to play adventures
on a computer.

So there you have it. I don't really play retro games.

Just as an aside, I thought it strange that the boxed Amstrad 
version of Castle Master chose to use a smaller box, even though
it meant bending the very thick manual to get it in. Bonkers.


Retro Gaming - I am no Castle Master.

I superimposed Fraya from Tera in her
battle with the sorcerer Malachai.

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