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Entry 14th November 2020: Post 1: A500/A2000 - Mega-Midget Racer.

A500/A2000 - Mega-Midget Racer.

The Mega-Midget Racer by Computer System Associated Inc. and has
the ASSY 21103B plus the CSA Mega-Memory ASSY 21503A S/N B9752.

Carrying on with the expansion boards for the A500/A2000 today we
have the super fast Mega-Midget Racer by CSA. This board boasts a
68EC030 processor and from the chip looks like the 50MHz one. The
daughterboard on these are either 40 or 50 pin depending on whether
fitted to the 500 or the 2000. In addition to the 21503A expansion
module with soldered ZIP RAM the board has 512K very fast SRAM and
which is able to be configured to system RAM.

All in all a pretty effective bit of kit. Also has the 68881 FPU.
The board connects to the 68000 socket which is replaced onto the

A basic Amiga system supporting the board operates at a frequency
of around 7 MHz, while the Mega-Midget Racer operates at frequencies
between 20 and 33 MHz. The MC68030 is operated asynchronously to the
Amiga system, which allows the Mega-Midget Racer to operate at many
frequencies. The asynchronous operation requires that the accelerator
must provide a synchronous bus interface to the Amiga system. This
is accomplished with the Mega-Midget Racer's MC68000 bus interface

A500/A2000 - Mega-Midget Racer.

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