ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2020

Entry 15th November 2020: Post 1: A500/A2000 - A5000 accelerator.

A500/A2000 - A5000 accelerator.

I continue my look at Amiga A500/2000 cards with some pictures of
the A5000 accelerator by Solid State Leisure. This card once sat
in an A500 that was purchased specifically for the accelerator and
the accelerator alone. I have managed to get the card working a
few times but kinda gave up and decided it had more value safely
stored than burnt out with my endless playing around. What was
interesting is that after I removed the card I did find a number
of problems with the computer which I fixed. I even enhanced the
machine with new Denise, CPU and ROM. So she may have worked.

I did a feature on the card a couple of years back so include that
blog which is a little more detailed. My reason for the review of
these cards is cus I was digging out some kit from the store. More
on that later in the month.

A500/A2000 - A5000 accelerator.

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