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Entry 16th November 2020: Post 1: A500/A2000 - ATonce PC/AT Emulator Card.

A500/A2000 - ATonce PC/AT Emulator Card.

Carrying on with the card upgrade theme for the Amiga 500 I show
today Vortex' very splendid ATonce PC/AT Emulator card. This is a
clever bit of kit which comes with everything necessary to up
your Amiga 500 to PC standard.

The card has fitted its very own Motorola 68000 which is fixed
to the base with through pins to connect into the A500 socket. It
is important to use the genuine Motorola for compatibility and
stability issues.

There is a special riser that contains a pin resistor implementation
that is needed below the GARY. Also included is a very helpful
manual and installation disks both for the Amiga and in DOS.

The board has its very own custom made gate array and 80286/16 Bit
CPU courtesy of Intel.

I have never used the card as I really have never had the desire
to emulate a PC on an Amiga. After all I use the Amiga as an Amiga
and so why would I need a PC. Duh !

So I have no idea if it works.

If you check out the library section of the site you will find that
there is a scanned version of the manual. I have the ADF copies of
the disks if anyone is looking for them.

A500/A2000 - ATonce PC/AT Emulator Card.

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