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Entry 18th November 2020: Post 1: A1200 - Lost in the loft.

A1200 - Lost in the loft.

I had reason to venture into the loft, which is something I very
rarely do. In amongst the old monitors I have stored up there I
caught sight of what I thought at first was a base to some plant
pot. Turned out to be some rusty old shielding from an A500 that
was hanging out of a large plastic bag. Anyway when I dug out
the old cat baskets and scratching pole I found these couple of
old Amigas that I must have put up here twenty years ago.

The A1200 is the remnants of the tower board that was actually
in my A1200 tower when it arrived. It was broken on arrival and
the guy had also sold me a spare, knowing it to be faulty. You
can see from the casing it had been hacked with a side slot plus
the tell tale signs of abrasion to the top edge where the board
was force fit into the tower to hold it in place.

I have no plans to fire up the board as I know it to be faulty.
What I hadn't noticed before however was the strange state of one
of the capacitors. The casing has been removed and the two negative
and positive lug tabs have been bent over each other. There is no
way this is due to a fauty capacitor. The board was all of seven
years old when it came here and I doubt it had failed to the point
of the casing falling apart. Looks quite deliberate and I really
have no idea why.

I did clean up the area to get a better shot. Quite intriguing.

Anyhoo I have placed the A1200 into accessible store now so I can
salvage some bits. Same for the A500 which I may be able to reunite
with the original motherboard. More on that later.

Well that kept me busy I can tell you. I also came across an old
Microvitec and the PCW9512 that exploded when I tried to repair
it. Man that was both frightening and hilarious. I have no further
plans to go back into the loft. It really is a dead store of old
stuff. I nearly dropped my old SCSI scanner onto my foot and
decided at that point it was time to leave.

A1200 - Lost in the loft.

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