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Entry 26th November 2020: Post 2: Amiga 2000 - Amy Hard Drive Archived.

Amiga 2000 - Amy Hard Drive Archived.

Some while back I recovered the hard drive from my favourite 
A2000 to ZIP file. I decided that I would copy all the files to 
CD and burn an image for use on the emulator. Took me a while
but I managed to successfully store all the drives onto the disc
on the PC in the directory used with the emulator. I guess I now
have any loss of data covered. 

The Amiga 2000 lovingly known as Amy has one of the largest 
number of Eric Schwartz animations that I have ever seen in 
one place. It would be a very sad loss in truth. The bench is 
customised  and is a real joy to navigate. I doubt I will use 
this on the emulator cus using the Amiga 2000 is such a joy.

Amiga 2000 - Amy Hard Drive Archived.

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