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Entry 27th November 2020: Post 1: Amiga MANIA - Short lived.

Amiga MANIA - Short lived.

One magazine that caught my eye recently was '  AMIGA MANIA '.
The pages are dedicated to the releases of games from 1992, given
that it lasted but one year and eight issues. The one featured is
the last they made for November/December 1992.

The publisher was a company called MC Publications who followed
up their failed magazine Amiga Fun with AMIGA MANIA. Evidently it
was gaining traction when it failed though from the numbers of
adverts it was clear it hadn't made any serious ground in getting
support from gaming companies.

The pages all appear to follow the same basic format which consist
of a headline title, a picture and then a simple editorial. I guess
it could prove useful to gamers, but you would have to trust the
editorial staff to be giving out unbiased comment. The magazine
had no real history so I'm guessing gamers would probably trust
the more popular publications, especially with the multi cover disk
offerings of magazines like Amiga Power, Amiga Action and The One.

The disks are pretty basic and the labelling was most unclear. The
same label was used for different months and you had to scribble
on what was on the disk.

This is not a magazine that I would have bought in the day. Whilst
I did buy and play games I wasn't so addicted to the releases as
to need a magazine to advise me. I generally got an inkling of the
better games from Format, CU and Computing so I hardly needed the
info. The disks were of little use as I always bought games if I
enjoyed them. I also much preferred software to games as give-aways.

I doubt the magazine will ever be a collectors item. But you never
like ever know. Not sure if I have any others. I'm not about to go
looking for them. Once was the charm.

Amiga MANIA - Short lived.

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