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Entry 30th November 2020: Post 1: Amiga Computing - Muddled numbers.

Amiga Computing - Muddled numbers.

I got real confused recently when I tried to catalogue my Amiga
Computing magazines from the early era. Time was magazines were
published in volumes. So the first year, irrespective of the
month, would start at the first publication Volume 1 Number 1. The
idea being that you would purchase a folder and place each years
editions in one folder and sit on a bookshelf. That was the theory.

And so Amiga Computing being one of those older style publications
began its life as Volume 1 Number 1. Problem was that both the
volume 1 Number 9 and Volume 2 Number 9 are both dated Feb 1989.
A well known magazine rack online has the Feb 90 cover with the
inside pages of Feb 89. All very confusing. In reality Vol2/9 for
Feb 1990 should be dated as such and not February 1989.

Interestingly in February 90 they announced they would no longer
be providing cover disks. And yet some three months later in May
of that year they began again shipping disks with magazines.

Fortunately in December 90 there was no Vol 3 Number 7 as they
changed the numbering system and the edition became Issue 31. Also
in July 91 the magazine became bigger for a while with a new look.

I do like Amiga Computing. Probably my most favourite magazine. So
I can forgive them for muddling up the numbers.

Amiga Computing - Muddled numbers.

And that is the only subscribers disk I have.

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