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Entry 5th November 2021: Post 1: Amstrad PC1512DD - Battery scare.

Amstrad PC1512DD - Battery scare.

Seems only yesterday I was changing the batteries to the Amstrad
1512, and yet when I checked recently those batteries had failed.
The batteries are located just below the monitor. From the surface
of the top view they looked fine. It wasn't until I rotated them
that I discovered they were leaking. So annoying.

I cleaned out the compartment having removed the batteries and
then filled the space with kitchen roll. I have chosen not to fit
batteries as it places too much risk on the computer. Fortunately
they are not sitting on the motherboard, but they still corrode
the important clock wiring from the battery location.

Whilst at the machine I checked if she was running fine and she
was. Only issue was the date and time. Not a biggy.

This model is the DD or double disk drive version and has the
full colour monitor. There is no hard drive in this computer.

Amstrad PC 1512 DD plus PC-CM colour monitor.
Manufactured in the UK in 1986.
Uses the Intel 8086 processor running at 8MHz.
RAM is 512KB  ( up to 640 KB ) with 16 KB ROM.
The unit has two 5.25" disk drives.
The OS is DOS Plus Version 1.2 by Digital Research.
GEM Desktop 2.0 March 24th 1986 Digital Research.

GEM by Lee Jay Lorenzen, Greg Morris and Lowel Websster.

Amstrad PC1512DD - Battery scare.

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