ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2021

Entry 8th November 2021: Post 1: Acorn A5000 - Banging the DELETE key.

Acorn A5000 - Banging the DELETE key.

Some time ago I finally removed the internal battery from the
Acorn A5000. I was reluctant to do so as this meant losing the
CMOS and hard drive settings. To get the computer to boot now
involves me hitting the DELETE key until she launches into the
RISC OS and then configuring the hard drive so it can be seen.

As part of my ritual monitoring I checked the Acorn A5000 to see
that she is still working following the surgery. I am pleased
to say that she passed with flying colours.

The machine is an old schools machine and whilst I had the box
of educational goodies out I thought I would share some of the
images of disks I have. I hold a very large collection of disks
for the Acorn, and I keep threatening to spend a while copying
them all and placing safely in store. Maybe next year.

Anyhoo she was working along with the Acorn monitor. I include
a couple of pictures of the battery removal for reference. 

Acorn A5000 - Banging the DELETE key.

Banging the DELETE key and Configuring the hard drive

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