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Entry 9th November 2021: Post 1: BBC Master System - Yet another flat battery.

BBC Master System - Yet another flat battery.

I do struggle with batteries on some of the systems. Although I
have replaced the battery on the BBC Master System, I discovered
this to be flat and now needed to action the reinitialisation 
of Mode 7 under the 1770 DFS to access the double floppy drive.

I took the opportunity to check the inner battery so see it was
sound and to look across the the general motherboard. All appeared
just fine and the system fired up Mode 7 as required and I was
able to access both the floppy drives. I am no longer going to
maintain batteries on these systems, as I use them so rarely I
will simply enter the directions in each time I use the BBC.

Press [CTRL] down and also hold down and press [F],
while keeping both depressed, press and release [BREAK]
once more. This brings you to the Supervisor in Mode 0,
under ADFS, with the CMOS RAM totally reset. You should
have a message saying "This is not a Language" and a *
prompt - if not then repeat the procedure.

At the * prompt type in the following

    (a) CONF.FILE 9 [RETURN]
    (b) CONF.LANG 12 [RETURN]
    (c) CONF.MODE 7 [RETURN]

Then for the last time, hold down [CTRL], while keeping
it depressed, press and release [BREAK]. You should now
be in the default of Mode 7, under the 1770 DFS, with the
BASIC prompt.

BBC Master System - Yet another flat battery.

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