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Entry 10th November 2021: Post 1: Amiga Mice - Unravelling the ravelling.

Amiga Mice - Unravelling the ravelling.

I am convinced that during the night when I am asleep evil little
demons sneak into the house and go round ravelling up all the
cables lying around the place. I swear I never wind, twist and
generally ravel up cables and wires. So how it happens, I haven't
the slightest idea.

Today it took me a good half an hour to unravel my storage box
of old Amiga mice. Seems like only the other month I had done this.

When you have as many Amigas as I then you are going to accumulate
a lot of mice. Just seems to happen. In this house they are all
over the place. The ones on the bench are my stored redundant mice
that never see the light of day. It is interesting to note the
differing tank type connectors, and various labels. I am always on
the look out for a 1350/1351 C64 mouse. You really can't tell.

Anyhoo... I have batched the mice into various types and tidied
the cables as best I can, and they are all now back in store.It's
not like I am ever going to run out of mice... or Amigas.

Amiga Mice - Unravelling the ravelling.

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