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Entry 11th November 2021: Post 1: GEOS - and the 1351 mouse.

GEOS - and the 1351 mouse.

It seems that each time I am called on to explain the workings of
the Commodore 1351 mouse in respect of GEOS I have to drag the
box down off the shelf and refer to the manual. So I decided it was
about time I showed some of the important sections of the manual
together with the port that the 1351 connects to on the C64.

Job done.

Yesterday I had one last look through all my stockpile of tanks
to see if there were any likely candidates as a C64 1350 or 1351.
Sadly I found none. The Commodore mouse for the C64, although
looking remarkably like an Amiga mouse, is in fact a completely
different beast. It simply will not work on a C64 unless it is
the very specific 1350/1351.

The manual goes on to explain the way the instructions convey
information to the C64 chips and this I have needed to make ref
to in the past.

Anyhoo... I took the opportunity to run GEOS and fired up the
demo of the software, which is always very informative. The GEOS
interface looks a lot more impressive than in the photographs as
the camera rarely takes good pictures of the flat screen monitor.

You can use the joystick as a mouse if you don't have one, and
so all is not lost if you don't have a 1351. The C64 works a lot
better with a graphical user interface like GEOS and it takes
so little time to boot up. Certainly worth tracking a copy down.

If you can't find a mouse then maybe hunt down some 'Cheese'
if you know what I mean. [ see second post for today ].

GEOS - and the 1351 mouse.

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